Discover the advantages of point of care dispensing for workers' compensation clinics. By offering medication directly to patients at the point of care, clinics can unlock a range of benefits that enhance revenue, patient convenience, and overall outcomes. With the support of Pharmasense Dispense, clinics can optimize their operations, increase profitability, and provide superior care to injured workers. Explore the following key benefits that make point of care dispensing a game-changer for workers' compensation clinics.
Higher Financial Gains:
By dispensing medication directly to patients at the point of care, clinics can generate additional revenue and increase their profits. This is achieved by eliminating the need for pharmacies and taking advantage of the markup typically charged by them. Pharmasense Dispense offers competitive wholesale prices, further enhancing the potential profitability for clinics.
Enhanced Patient Convenience and Better Treatment Results:
In the case of workers' compensation patients, who are often dealing with injuries, the convenience factor plays a crucial role. By providing medication directly at the point of care, clinics eliminate the need for patients to make unnecessary trips to the pharmacy. This not only saves time and effort but also has a significant impact on the patients' recovery process, as delays in obtaining medications from pharmacies can hinder their progress.
Improved Adherence to Medication Instructions:
Research indicates that a substantial percentage of prescriptions are either not fulfilled or not followed correctly. This non-compliance can have detrimental effects on patient outcomes. However, by implementing in-office dispensing, clinics ensure that patients receive their prescribed medications and receive proper instructions on how to use them. This promotes better compliance, leading to improved patient outcomes and overall treatment effectiveness.
Partnering with Pharmasense Dispense provides access to a wide range of competitively priced urgent care medications. As a pharmacist-owned and operated company, Pharmasense Dispense prioritizes exceptional care and offers professional pharmacist support. Contact Pharmasense Dispense for pricing options and elevate the quality of workers' compensation care at your clinic.