At Pharmasense Dispense, we understand the unique challenges faced by student health centers that lack a comprehensive on-campus or on-site pharmacy. That's why we offer strategic partnerships to these centers, providing a range of benefits through physician dispensing. One of the primary advantages is the remarkable improvement in patient compliance, leading to enhanced treatment outcomes. By ensuring that student patients receive their prescribed medications promptly, we contribute to reducing the risk of infections spreading within the campus community.
In the traditional pharmacy model, approximately 40% of prescriptions go unfilled or are not consumed as directed. For students, who often have limited disposable income and limited access to transportation, the risks of non-compliance are even more significant. However, by implementing point-of-care dispensing, student health centers can effectively mitigate these risks. By offering medications directly at the point of care, we empower students to conveniently access their prescriptions, eliminating the barriers of transportation and affordability. This approach significantly improves compliance rates, ultimately leading to better treatment outcomes and a healthier student population.
In addition to the patient-centric advantages, implementing physician dispensing also presents a valuable opportunity for student health clinics to generate ancillary revenue. By leveraging our extensive formulary of urgent care medications, we provide competitive prices that enable clinics to offer medication services and generate additional funds to support essential healthcare services. As a pharmacist-owned and operated company, we prioritize the delivery of high-quality care and maintain a team of professional pharmacists who are readily available to address any concerns that may arise.
Join the ranks of student health centers that have experienced the transformative impact of physician dispensing. Contact us now to discuss the pricing options for your formulary. With our proven track record of successful partnerships with urgent care clinics and chains, we are dedicated to supporting your student health center in delivering exceptional care and fostering a healthy campus community.