Physician dispensing holds significant appeal for primary care physicians, family doctors, and general practices.
Increased Profitability
Primary care physicians can witness a profit boost of up to 50% by implementing point of care dispensing, without the need to acquire new patients, staff, or equipment.
Enhanced Patient Care
When you prescribe medication, you expect patients to follow through with obtaining and correctly using it. Unfortunately, 40% of the time, prescriptions go unfilled or are not properly adhered to, resulting in deteriorating conditions and delayed recoveries.
By dispensing medication at the point of care, you eliminate the risk of prescriptions not being filled, while fostering direct patient communication regarding any concerns or questions about instructions. Improved compliance translates into significantly better treatment outcomes.
Expanded Patient Base
By offering medication directly from your office instead of patients making separate trips to a pharmacy, patient satisfaction increases, leading to higher loyalty, positive reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals to friends and family.
Enhanced Efficiency
There’s no more need in tracking down patients' preferred pharmacies, sending prescriptions, or handling verification calls or authorizations. It’s time to focus on patient interactions or expanding your practice, especially with our competitive prices. Contact us for pricing tailored to your specific formulary.