Physician dispensing offers a plethora of powerful advantages for mental health practices. Patients value the confidentiality they experience when receiving their medication at the point of care, eliminating the need to request it from a local pharmacy. Moreover, the convenience of avoiding trips to the pharmacy and waiting for prescription fulfillment resonates with patients, enhancing their overall satisfaction. A content and satisfied patient base is more likely to remain loyal and refer others to your practice, contributing to its growth and success. Embracing point of care dispensing directly benefits your clinic by bypassing the middleman—the pharmacy. This enables clinics to increase profits by up to 50% without the need to accommodate additional patients, hire more staff, or invest in additional equipment.
For mental health physicians, one of the key advantages of in-office dispensing is the direct impact it has on improving patient compliance. In the traditional pharmacy model, a staggering 40% of prescriptions are left unfilled or not followed as instructed. Non-compliance can have severe consequences, particularly for mental health patients. By dispensing medications at the point of care, you ensure that the right medication reaches the patient's hands and provide them with the opportunity to communicate directly with you for any questions or concerns. This personalized approach fosters better adherence to the prescribed treatment plan, leading to improved outcomes.
Our extensive formulary comprises a wide range of urgent care medications offered at competitive prices. As a pharmacist-owned and operated company, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of care, always ensuring the availability of professional pharmacists to address any potential issues. We have a proven track record of successful partnerships with mental health practices, urgent care clinics, and healthcare chains. Reach out to us today to explore pricing options for your formulary and embark on a transformative journey of optimizing mental health care delivery.