Pharmasense Dispense is proud to collaborate with community health centers and clinics, enabling them to offer in-office medication dispensing directly at the point of care. This innovative approach has a profound impact on patient outcomes, enhancing compliance and fostering effective communication. In the traditional pharmacy model, a staggering 40% of prescriptions go unfilled or are not taken as directed, resulting in a significant burden on the healthcare system, amounting to $300 billion annually. This non-compliance is particularly prevalent among lower-income patients who may face barriers such as limited access to pharmacies, lack of resources, or insufficient understanding of their medications.
By providing community health centers with the opportunity to dispense medications at the point of care, we empower healthcare professionals to put the medication directly into the hands of patients and engage in direct communication regarding their treatment plan. This personalized approach has proven to be a powerful tool in improving patient compliance and understanding. It addresses the unique challenges faced by lower-income patients and enhances their ability to adhere to prescribed medications, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.
Implementing point-of-care medication dispensing not only enhances patient care but also presents an opportunity for community health centers to generate an additional revenue stream. By leveraging our extensive formulary of urgent care medications at competitive prices, centers can generate funds that can be reinvested to further support essential services and community programs. As a pharmacist-owned and operated company, we prioritize the highest standards of care and maintain a team of professional pharmacists ready to provide expert guidance and support.
Contact us now to discuss pricing options for your formulary. With our longstanding history of successful partnerships with urgent care clinics and chains, we are committed to empowering your community health center in delivering exceptional care and building a healthier future for your community.