Gastroenterology practices have a unique advantage when it comes to physician dispensing, particularly in the context of colonoscopy prep kits.
These kits often are:
> Not covered by insurance.
> Can be quite costly at pharmacies.
> Exceeding $100 per unit.
However, by partnering with Pharmasense Dispense, you can seize a remarkable opportunity. Take advantage of our low wholesale prices to purchase colonoscopy prep kits and offer them to your patients at a competitive price, while still ensuring a substantial profit margin for your clinic.
By incorporating in-office dispensing, your gastroenterology practice can provide your patients with unparalleled convenience and confidentiality. Instead of having to visit a pharmacy and endure the wait for prescription fulfillment, they can conveniently obtain their medications at the point of care. This increased convenience significantly contributes to patient satisfaction, leading to improved loyalty and a greater likelihood of referring others to your practice.
At Pharmasense Dispense, we are committed to supporting your gastroenterology practice with a comprehensive formulary of urgent care medications at competitive prices. As a pharmacist-owned and operated company, we prioritize quality care and maintain professional pharmacists who are readily available to address any concerns that may arise. With our extensive experience in partnering with gastroenterology practices and chains, we provide exceptional support for your practice's success.
Reach out to us today to explore the pricing options for your formulary. Together, we can enhance patient satisfaction, streamline operations, and maximize the potential for growth in your practice.