Physicians often wonder how they can earn revenue through point-of-care dispensing.
At Pharmasense Dispense, we offer you four distinct revenue streams as you provide personalized medication services to your patients:
Patient Cash and Carry
Private Insurance Reimbursement
Workers' Compensation
ACO / Risk Bearing Entities
By embracing our physician dispensing services, you not only enhance patient care but also ensure a robust financial future for your practice. With these diverse revenue streams, you can offer convenient, efficient, and top-quality care while optimizing your revenue potential.
At Pharmasense Dispense, we understand that many patients face challenges when it comes to accessing affordable prescription medications. Whether they lack insurance coverage, or their insurance doesn't cover the specific medications they need, these patients often must pay out of pocket. By offering the option to purchase medications directly from you, we enhance patient convenience and confidentiality. Additionally, some patients find that the cost of medications through their insurance, such as high deductibles or co-pays, outweighs the pricing offered by clinics, prompting them to choose the cash and carry option.
Numerous medical practices have reported profit increases of up to 50% without the need to acquire new patients, hire additional staff, or invest in extra equipment.
Even patients who have insurance coverage for their medications may prefer the convenience and confidentiality of purchasing them directly from your clinic. Pharmasense Dispense offers prescription medications at significantly lower costs, making it a viable and appealing option for patients, especially considering that many insurance programs come with high co-pays.
Your clinic can still process insurance claims for prescription coverage if desired, as we also offer private insurance reimbursement.
Another advantage of point-of-care medication dispensing is the improvement in compliance and patient outcomes as many prescriptions are not filled or not followed as directed, resulting in increased costs and diminished patient satisfaction. By providing medications directly to patients, you ensure a higher level of compliance, leading to better patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.
It's important to note that your clinic has the flexibility to choose which medications to dispense, and it's not obliged to handle all prescriptions. Many clinics adopt a hybrid approach, dispensing commonly prescribed medications in-office while directing patients to pharmacies for rarer, branded, or specialty medicines.
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At Pharmasense Dispense, we offer support in setting up private insurance reimbursement for your clinic, allowing your patients the option to have their insurance company cover part of the cost instead of paying the full retail price in a cash and carry transaction.
It's important to note that this is an optional payment model, and many clinics choose to operate exclusively under other payment systems, such as cash and carry.
This system provides significant benefits to patients. They still enjoy the convenience, confidentiality, and quality-of-care advantages of a cash and carry system, while their insurance company assists with covering at least a portion of the cost. For your clinic, revenue is obtained through insurance reimbursements rather than direct payment from patients. However, it's important to acknowledge that this payment method involves more paperwork and a delay in receiving reimbursement while claims are processed.
Many clinics adopt a flexible approach, utilizing insurance reimbursement for appropriate cases, implementing cash and carry systems for other medications, and referring patients to pharmacies for low-volume or specialty medications. This allows for a tailored approach that best suits the needs of your patients and clinic.
If you would like to discuss physician dispensing with one of our experts in a no-cost and no-obligation consultation, please call us at 415-321-9686.
Providing medications directly at the point of care for clinics with workers' compensation patients offers valuable advantages. Pharmasense Dispense supports clinics in billing and collecting within the workers' comp system, collaborating with clinics and management companies to simplify the process.
By offering point-of-care medication dispensing, clinics can enhance their services for workers' compensation patients. This eliminates the need for patients to visit a separate pharmacy, reducing delays in accessing necessary medications and expediting their recovery. Pharmasense Dispense ensures clinics have the resources and expertise to navigate the workers' compensation system effectively and optimize reimbursement.
With our understanding of the unique challenges in workers' compensation cases, we deliver tailored solutions to meet clinics' specific needs and improve patient outcomes. Partnering with Pharmasense Dispense allows clinics to streamline their workers' compensation dispensing services.
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Pharmasense Dispense specializes in offering tailored solutions for workers' compensation dispensing and medication management within ACOs/risk-bearing entities. Our expertise is focused on meeting the unique needs of these sectors and providing customized support.
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We understand the intricacies involved in workers' compensation dispensing and partnering with ACOs/risk-bearing entities. By collaborating with Pharmasense Dispense, you can access sector-specific solutions that optimize medication management, enhance patient care, and improve overall outcomes.
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